We have available two top-notch Persian kittens. The first is a blue-cream female and the other is a solid black male. They are currently ten weeks old and will be ready to go in two weeks.
When we started our cattery, we searched the world over to find the finest Persian cats we could find for our foundation cats. All of our cats are treated like members of our family. They sleep where and when they want - we are lucky if they let us in our beds! All kittens are raised underfoot and are well socialized to make them the best kitty companions you will ever know.
The sire of this litter is from PolarBearCats in Russia. The dam is from Steeplechase Cattery in South Carolina, USA. Our kittens have terrific show potential with thick coats, properly placed noses, small well-placed ears, smooth round domes without ridges or bumps, proper bite alignment, nice cobby bodies and short full tails. They receive an excellent diet - we literally spend more money on their food than we do on our own. We have a vet who comes to the house who has proclaimed them to be doing great and absolutely adorable!
We do not sell to pet shops or catteries using cages so please do not ask. The buyer must sign an agreement to have their pet neutered by eight months of age as well as agree never to have the cat declawed. Buyer must also agree that if they are ever unable to care for their kitty that they will return it to us at their own expense and agree to never surrender their kitty to any type of animal shelter.
WARNINGS: There are sellers who are selling cats that they call "Tea-Cup" or "Doll Faced" Persians. The Cat Fancier's Association does not recognize these cats as a breed. Tea Cup cats in particular are bred by unscrupulous breeders who breed the smallest and weakest kittens they can find in order to try to attain a very small kitten. This is not healthy for the cats that are being bred or for their kittens. NO reputable breeder would ever do this kind of breeding. Doll-Faced cats are bred against the breed standard. These breeders claim that their cats are healthier than the breed standard "flat faced" Persians. However, this is NOT true and these breeders can never win in a cat show as they are so far from what the CFA standard defines. These people are "backyard" breeders who buy cheap cats and try to breed them for profit.
We are hobby breeders and in spite of what may seem like high prices, we do not make a profit on our kittens. We breed strictly to obtain kittens which meet the breed standard to preserve and help perfect the Persian breed, and will never sell an unhealthy kitten.
Kittens can be sent to you via a courier so your baby flies in the cabin for the same price as cargo shipment. This is done for the safety of your new baby. You are welcome to come to NY and pick your baby up if you wish.
Before buying a Persian, you need to understand the commitment you are making. Their long, luxurious coats require regular grooming and this is not a job that can be skipped. They need a weekly bath with coat care, tooth care and ear care. If you are unable to make this commitment, there are many other breeds of beautiful cats that do not have this requirement, so think long and hard before you decide to buy one of these kitties. Will your lifestyle allow you to give your kitty all he or she needs?

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